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Welcome to Flight Force 4


Our Studio

  • Is there a playable version of the game?
    Yes you can download and play our basic demo while we build out the multiplayer demo!
  • Can I earn from playing right now?
    No, right now we only have a basic single player demo, you will be able to earn in future versions of the FF4 game soon!
  • What is the advantage of owning a Character?
    All FF4 characters come with benefits from token claims, other free characters, free in-game items, access to high stakes modes, the ability to rent all your items, access to special maps and planets and much more! Each collection has different benefits.
  • Is there a single player story mode?
    At this stage there will not be a single player story mode. However, we will still be adding story and lore to the game with things like short cinematic trailers for completing tasks and more! The game will be highly immersive!
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