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Gen Zero X-ion character mint details

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Mint details


Character: X-ion
Collection: Gen Zero
When: 7th December 2023
Where: Komet
Chain: Polygon
Initial Supply: 4000 before Elite upgrades


Prices (Pay by card option)

OG WL = $15 in Matic (limit 4 per wallet)
Tier 2 WL = $18 in Matic (limit 4 per wallet)
Public = $20 in Matic  ( Unlimited per wallet


The Gen Zero collection

  • 30x 1 of 1 Legendary X-ions (10 available in the mint, 20 available when upgrading to Elite X-ion. These are spread randomly through both collections) 

  • 200 Limited Edition Elite X-ions (See below for details)

  • 770 Gold trait X-ions in total (These receive weekly in-game airdrops)

  • 3000 Unique Gen-Zero X-ions with varying visual and in-game rarity and traits. The last of their breed

  • 220 opportunities to upgrade to a random Elite, or Legendary X-ion

  • OG and Tier 2 loot packs for all those who mint during OG and Tier 2 WL phase (Users can mint in both phases, its possible to WL multiple wallets too)


OG WhiteList: (18 Matic)
All wallets on the OG WL will receive 1 FREE Diamond Tier FF4 in-game asset air-drop before the X-ion mint (no strings attached).
Any wallet that actually mints at least 1 Gen-Zero X-ion during OG WL phase will also receive a Diamond Tier loot pack (5 rare in-game assets)


Tier 2 WhiteList: (20 Matic)
All wallets on Tier 2 WL gets 1 free in-game asset customized by the project they WL from.
All wallets that actually mint at least 1 X-ion in tier 2 WL phase receive the Tier 2 loot pack (3 rare in-game assets)

Elite X-ion upgrade:
All wallets that upgrade to an Elite X-ion will receive the Elite Loot pack (5 unique assets)

Gen Zero NFT benefits

  • Weekly premium X-ion in-game asset airdrops for all legendary, Elite, and Gold trait holders

  • Access to high stakes mode in FF4, Poly Gunnerz, and Space Kartz (Play for Matic or $T3P)

  • Access to rental hub in FF4, Poly Gunnerz, and Space Kartz

  • Bonus assets & skins in Poly Gunnerz and Space Kartz

  • Future staking options for XP or airdrops

  • XP booster (Earn XP faster in-game)

Elite X-ion upgrade details

Collect/mint all 4 base model X-ions (V0K, KR1, SR2, Z3P) and trade them in to receive your Elite upgrade token. You can either hold your unrevealed token, or trade it in for 1 Elite X-ion, there are also 20 Legendary 1 of 1 X-ions in the Elite collection (220 NFTs), will you get lucky?

You can either mint your base X-ions, or purchase them from secondary market (Opensea). All that matters is your wallet holds the correct NFTs to be eligible for the Elite upgrade. When you upgrade, your 4 base NFTs will be burned. That makes this collection supply deflationary.

The upgrade function will be available after the character reveal, 24 hours from the mint. 
There will be a special page on Komet that users can navigate to and connect their wallet, if the user holds 4 of the eligible NFTs, the option to swap them will be available to you. 

If a user holds more than 4 eligible NFTs they will need to select the NFTs they want to trade.
The 4 NFTs users choose to trade will be sent to a burn wallet (gone forever). 
In return you will receive either 1 Legendary, or 1 Elite Xion NFT.


Users cannot use Gold trait, or Legendary X-ions for the Elite upgrade, only the 3000 Unique Gen Zero X-ions can be used to upgrade.

Once you trade, your new Legendary or Elite X-ion will be sent to your wallet automatically and will be final. Upgraded NFTs will be revealed as they are claimed.


For transparency, the 220 Legendary and Elite X-ions will be in a set order and pre-minted from the main collection before the 7th December mint date. The Legendary X-ions will be spread evenly throughout the upgrade NFTs, the first person to upgrade will get Token ID #1, second person to upgrade will get Token ID #2, and continue in that order until all 220 NFTs are claimed.


Token ID #1 will be a Legendary X-ion, and within the first 20, there will be 4 more Legendary X-ions stashed randomly with 15 more 1 of 1's scattered throughout the remaining 200 token IDs. This is to reward the users who upgrade earliest. No more details will be made public prior to the mint. 

Why upgrade though?

Well, if you didn’t manage to mint a Legendary or Gold Trait, this is your second chance to secure something truly epic.
With only 30 Legendary and 200 Elite X-ions, these highly prized X-ions come with many extra benefits both visually and in-game, including the weekly in-game item airdrops. 

There will never be a more important X-ion character collection than the Gen-Zero collection, and these 230 NFTs are by far the best in class! Much like our OG Defender characters you have all come to know!

Make sure you get on both the OG and Tier 2 Whitelists so you can be first to mint and upgrade! Flight Force 4 (FF4) will host plenty of chances for you to get multiple wallets on these WL tiers as well as more details!

Make sure you keep up with all our social media accounts below to get all the latest alpha so you can best prepare yourself. 

Its time to make minting fun again and bring a little much needed “degen” into gaming NFTs!


Our Studio

  • Is there a playable version of the game?
    Yes you can download and play our basic demo while we build out the multiplayer demo!
  • Can I earn from playing right now?
    No, right now we only have a basic single player demo, you will be able to earn in future versions of the FF4 game soon!
  • What is the advantage of owning a Character?
    All FF4 characters come with benefits from token claims, other free characters, free in-game items, access to high stakes modes, the ability to rent all your items, access to special maps and planets and much more! Each collection has different benefits.
  • Is there a single player story mode?
    At this stage there will not be a single player story mode. However, we will still be adding story and lore to the game with things like short cinematic trailers for completing tasks and more! The game will be highly immersive!
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